Serranía de las Quinchas

We are the guardians of the exceptional forests that surround us and the wildlife within them, but it is not an easy task.  Despite their global conservation importance, the forests of Serranía de las Quinchas are coming under growing pressure from loggers, agriculture and mining.  By giving nature an economic value and creating a sustainable form of income for our communities, we passionately believe ecotourism has a key role to play to help protect these forests for us, our children and generations to come.

By staying as our guest, your visit will enrich you with a wealth of natural and cultural experiences.  It will also directly contribute to our communities and support us as we work in a united effort to protect our forests, bring peace and stability to our communities and improve our living conditions.

Our Activities

There are a host of activities you can enjoy during your time with us.  Here are some of our favourites: